Causes of having peeling skin

Causes of having peeling skin

Although peeling skin isn’t often painful yet its appearance affects your personality negatively thus lower the confidence. This is why today we will be introducing you to the most common causes of having a peeling skin.

Going through the causes you can learn why this might have been happening to you so far. Once you identify the origin, finding out the remedy will be far easier.

Peeling skin – the underlying causes

It’s not necessary that your skin is peeling because of all the following causes. Instead, a mere cause is enough to trigger the issue. However, stay with us till the end!


Are you ultimately dissatisfied with your oily skin and trying literally everything and every way to have a dry skin? Then, you must learn that it is a dry skin that is more prone to be peeled.

So, to identify the type of your skin, at first you should learn the symptoms of dry skin and observe your skin keenly.

Contact dermatitis

Contact of your skin with certain things or environment impacts it very negatively that you mightn’t have noticed so far. This can occur to your skin in two broad ways: allergic and irritant contact.

Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes into contact with things that your skin can’t tolerate. As a result, it breaks out in a rash as an immune response. On the other hand, irritant contact dermatitis can be triggered by the contact of rubbing alcohol or fertilizers or drying hand washes.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis refers to the condition in which your skin develops scaly, flaky rashes. These basically crop up in areas where concentration of oil glands is high. The area might be your scalp or face or groin. This might even be any of the high-friction areas including the armpits or between the fingers.

Sometimes the problem resolves on its own. But if it persists, then proper treatment and take-care to prevent oil and yeast from accumulating must be taken.

Excessive sunburn

A long time exposure of your skin to the sun can burn the skin too badly. Because of the burnt, your skin will be trying to repair the topmost layer by itself in a natural process. And in the process, the skin will start peeling off automatically.

Chronic eczema

Chronic eczema in which the barrier of your skin doesn’t adequately protect against irritants and bacteria is often a prime cause of peeling skin. So, instead of creating confusion between eczema and old dry skin, consult a specialist soon before eczema persist for a long time.

Fungal infection

Fungus first of all attacks the top layer of your skin and develops the condition of the breaking down of your skin. You must treat the problem comparatively quickly because your leaving it alone keeps breaking down the skin consecutively making it secondarily infected.

Final words

Now that you’re aware of the most probable causes of developing a peeling skin, you must be aware. Remember that it’s a fresh skin that helps you build up confidence to a great extent.

How to diagnose a sensitive skin?

Diagnosing the sensitivity of your skin is very simple that you can do yourself at home and take measures to treat it before it’s too late. To help you do the diagnosing easily and correctly, here we have listed the most common signs of a sensitive skin.

Do go through the signs and match to your skin condition. Here we begin!

Prominent signs of your skin sensitivity


Redness in the form of red bump or red rash or red dilated blood vessels or flushing or blushing may appear on your skin. If the sign goes away short after simple treatment, then it’s normal.

But, if it persists and keeps coming back frequently, this is a bad omen. That’s to say your skin might be sensitive to a particular thing that you mightn’t have noticed so far.

Burning feeling

Whenever you apply any skin product, especially the alcoholic one, you will start having burning feelings from the applied part of your skin. Rinse off the gel or spray at once with water without delay.

The stinging feeling is actually a message from your skin that it can’t tolerate the properties of the product.


You will be attacked with uncomfortable rashes now and then. As a whole you might face difficulty in identifying the proper reason.

Let us help you sort out the issue effortlessly! Try to remember what had come into contact with the skin just before the rashes appeared.

Flakes and peels

Dandruff-like flaking will be all over your skin that makes you look quite exotic. In addition peeling might be here and there making the condition worse.

Over-reactive skin

Exposure to certain things or to any of the things will be causing irritation to your skin: soaps, fragrances, perfumes, detergents, skincare and household products. The worst of all is – sometimes your skin will react negatively to the exposure of excessive hot, cold and wind.


Itchiness of the skin is going to kill the peace of your mind just after the application of cleansing products or warm water. Again, too warm or too cold an environment can be responsible for triggering the itchiness.


You often overlook the excessive dryness of your skin and even sometimes you’re lad that your skin isn’t as oily as that of your friend. But, do you have any idea what the dryness of your skin is actually telling to you?

It’s a sign that your skin is sensitive and measures should be taken to treat it before it runs you into an embarrassing situation.

Early sunburnt

Does your skin take very less time to be sunburnt? Well, then it’s not an omen to be overjoyed. Skin that gets burnt by the sun too early is a message of being too sensitive.

Final words

If you did find a match of your skin condition with any of our recommended signs, no doubt your skin is sensitive and it’s high time you consulted a dermatologist.

How Do You Know If Your Hair is Damaged

How Do You Know If Your Hair is Damaged?

Just like your body and skin, your hair also shows you the signs of its slow damage. The faster you identify the signs, the better it is for the treatment as it will take comparatively less labor, time and cost.

Therefore, today we have come up with such crucial signs that your hair might have been showing you so far and you have been ignoring those consistently.

Symptoms of damaging hair

No shininess 

One of the most common signs that unhealthy hair shows is lower or no brightness. Usual healthy hair shines whenever it comes to the contact of light or the sun and reflects the true hair color.

On the contrary, unhealthy or damaged hair appears to be pale and plain. It seems like the hair has been burnt.


Take a strand of your hair and try to stretch it out in the same way you stretch a rubber. What do you see? Is the strand stretched a bit or snapped in the midway? If it’s snapped then things are to be worried about.

This may be a result of excessive dryness or malnutrition in the hair. Consult an expert to get the thing back on track.

Split ends

Don’t you know what a split end is? Well, take a strand of your hair especially from the round of your face and look closely at the end of it. What do you see – an end or two divided ends? If you see the divided ends, it’s split end.


To check whether your hair is rough or not, you can do a simple test. Run the fingers through the hair. If the hair is unhealthy, it will be rough and dry. Moreover, you will find some hair strands on the palm of your hand.

All-time dry

Your hair can be dry and still there is no risk if it is a result of your being outside so long and being exposed to the sun. But, if the dryness persists, not going away automatically, something is wrong.

In such a case, experts recommend you wash the hair using a quality conditioner at first. If the dryness is still there, you must visit a hair specialist.


Run a brush or a comb or simply your fingers through the hair. Does any of these get stuck at any point of running? Well, this means that your hair is tangled instead of sliding against one another.

Unnecessary hair fall

Now, this is the ultimate sign of damaged hair. You will experience the loss of hair while combing or washing or running the fingers or sleeping on the pillow. No doubt that at a certain time you will be bald.

Final words

Hair doesn’t only beautify your body but also plays a significant role in boosting your confidence. To hold such an invaluable blessing of the Almighty forever, you must be well-aware of our listed signs before it’s too late.

Signs of Your Skin to be considered 

Before being damaged completely your skin gives you signs that you often overlook or give no importance at all. But, if you are aware of those and take care from the very beginning your skin will keep glowing even at your 80’s.

So, with such vital signs, we have arranged our today’s write up. Keep stuck to us till the end for getting a healthier skin.

Signs of a damaging skin


Whether the rashes of your skin are irritating or burning or itching or not, these are something, which means that your skin is comprehensively attacked with bacteria or fungus. That’s to say, it is the high time you consulted a dermatologist.

Inconsistent skin tone

A skin that is healthy features a tone of the same color all over it. On the contrary, an unhealthy skin tone varies from portion to portion. For example, you may start seeing dark circles just below your eyes.

This is how your skin is telling you that you might have some bad habits like being awake till midnight or drinking less volume of water.

Excessive dryness

Excessive dryness will be felt in the following areas: elbow, ankle, knee, below or around the eyes and around the lips. It is not necessary that the dry feeling will be at all the mentioned body parts. Instead, it may happen that it is felt in a particular zone.

In such a case, you must understand that your skin lacks moisture and must be moisturized sufficiently. So, you should have branded chemical-free moisturizers and drink more water.

Uneven skin texture

Place the palm of any of your hands over any of the cheeks and rub it smoothly all over the cheek. What do you feel? Is the feeling even or uneven? If it feels even then nothing to be worried about but if it’s uneven, something is wrong with your skin.

This might be a symptom of acne, whiteheads or blackheads development. Before any of these appear visibly, you should visit us – city nail & hair to get the skin treated.


Do you often feel itchiness or burning or piercing on your skin? If you do feel any of these frequently, there are two explanations of that.

First of all, you might be using some skin products that your skin can’t tolerate thus telling you to stop. Besides, it might happen that your internal health has got some complications that you must address in no time.

Cracked lips

Having a pair of cracked lips during winter is all okay. But, if your lips are cracked all the time or most of the time of a year, it’s actually a sign for you. It is telling you that your skin isn’t having enough Vitamin B.

To fight back the problem you should start taking the vitamin in any form that is available to you.

Final words

Skin is an invaluable part of your beauty that once lost can hardly be regained. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be aware of the signs it gives to you.