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We are City Hair and Nails

City hair & nail is a USA based woman parlor where we have combined all the modern amenities to treat your nail, hair and face in the best possible ways for the least possible charge.

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We, the team of City Hair & Nail are highly determined on restoring your dried, odd looking, cracked nail and hair. Besides, we do offer you varieties of facial treatments to win over your age and other skin problems like acne scars or pimple marks.

Our highly trained beauticians await you with the best equipment and accessories. They are patient and passionate enough to do an extended study upon your nail or hair or skin to comprehend where the shoe pinches and where to hit the hammer.

Although, we have made a combination of beauty experts and premium quality products yet every of our services charges moderately. Our main focus is never to be highly commercially profited rather to win over your heart, which is our ultimate satisfaction and demand.

What People Are Saying About Us

Meet our happy clients and find why our Agency is the preferred choice.

For my marriage ceremony, I took the manicure, pedicure, hair and facial treatments from City hair & nail. I can still remember my hubby said - “my Marilyn Monroe.”

Nikita a housewife
Linni Stewart

I was disgusted with my split end and dry hair. Since then I have been taking hair treatment from City hair & nail, I have been immensely proud of my smooth and shiny hair.

Linni Stewart a corporate official

My lovely feet turned into a desert a few years back. Being desperate I took a pedicure treatment from City hair & nail. Thanks to its beauticians for offering me a new pair of feet.

Elizabeth a fashion house owner