How to take care of an Ingrown Toenail

Taking care of an ingrown toenail can be really painful in case you don’t know the correct procedure. Therefore, to relieve you of the pain and hassle, we talked with the nail experts and surgeons. What we have learnt from them follows below for you in detail.

Cutting an ingrown toenail

The write up below introduces you to the cutting procedure of mildly ingrown nail and severely ingrown nail. Go through each of them and identify the correct method as per your nail’s condition. Here we go!

Mildly ingrown nail

  • Have a jar of glass and fill it up to half potion either with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Put the nail cutting tools – clippers, cuticle sticks and tweezers into the solution. Let the tools be there for several minutes.

This will ensure you a good disinfection of the tools. Take up the tools and wait for some time so that these can be dried up naturally.

  • Have a vase and fill it with tepid water. Dip your infected foot into the water and let the foot in that position for 30 minutes at least. This is a highly effective method to soften the nail and adjacent skin.

For a better result, you may add some tea tree oil or epsom salt or any other disinfecting oil to the water.

  • Have a soft towel and mop your foot and every notch of the nails. Don’t be rough with your foot and nails while mopping.
  • Massage the skin that is around the ingrown toenail very gently although you may feel uncomfortable with the process.
  • Get a cuticle stick or nail file. Whatever you have, use that to scrap the skin at the sides of the infected nail. This will clear away the dead skin cells.

Severely ingrown nail 

  • Have a vase and fill it with tepid water. Dip your infected foot into the water and let the foot in that position for 30 minutes at least. This is a highly effective method to soften the nail and adjacent skin.

For a better result, you may add some tea tree oil or Epsom salt or any other disinfecting oil to the water.

  • As your nail must have been softened by this time. This is the right time to cut it with a sharp toe clipper. Don’t cut the nail very short, rather keep it long by 1 to 2 millimeter at the white nail end.
  • Have a pair of tweezers and use these to insert a piece of gauze or cotton into the space that is between the ingrown nail and skin. This will make the existing space a bit larger.
  • Have sharp eyes on the ingrown nail. Can you identify the ingrown spur that has been the reason for your pain so far? Identified? Well, cut that spur with mildness.
  • Get some disinfectant solution like tea tree oil to disinfect the area.

Final words

So, this is how you can take care of your ingrown toenail and get some immediate relief for yourself. In case your infection appears to be non-compromising, don’t delay, consult a specialist.

How to Get Rid of Pimples 

Passing a tough time with pimples? Adopt the following hacks gathered by us from the dermatologists, regularly to see the magical changes.

Ways of discouraging pimple growth 

  • Wet the face with tepid water. Use your fingers to apply a gentle cleanser all over the face. Apply properly by moving your fingers in a circular motion. Avoid using a washcloth instead of fingers. Rinse the skin thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Figure out the type of your skin – oily or dry. If it’s dry then it’s more prone to have pimples because of the excessive production of oily sebum. However, in that case, you should use non comedogenic skin products.
  • When you drink little volume of water, your body becomes dehydrated and signals your skin to produce more oil. And, as you know oily skin means – pimples. Therefore, we recommend you to drink sufficient volume of water from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you go to the bed.
  • To avoid dehydration, only drinking water isn’t a fully effective method unless you stop exposing the skin to the sun for a long time. Keep in mind that the sun sucks the water from your body through vaporization thus causes dehydration.
  • You should always keep the skiing moisturized with a premium quality moisturizer. Be sure that your moisturizer doesn’t contain any type of oil and synthetic redolent. These two elements cause skin pimples to a great extent.
  • Wear makeup as little as possible to hide the pimples or for any other reasons. Remember that the contents contained in your make-up are often found responsible for the outgrowth of pimples.

But then, if you can’t go a day without wearing make-up, buy the make-up that is free from any kind of fragrance.

  • Stop touching your skin now and then. Remember that your fingers are the abode of many grimes and germs. The grimes clog the pores and germs cause infection to the skin. Even before you wash the skin, wash your hands well before.
  • Do you know what worse the pimple problem? It’s your uncareful popping of the pimple. Yes, you read that right. You simply popping often cause more infection and inflammation.
  • Apply a few drops of tea tree oil to the inflamed area a few times a day. For more advantage, you can mix the oil with your daily used moisturizer or cleanser. Using the oil may be unsuitable to your skin; we mean this may cause irritation to your skin. In that case, stop using the oil anymore.
  • Avoid taking foods and beverages, which are enriched in glycemic including chips and baked foods. Even we recommend you to lower the frequency of taking dairy foods. According to a study, the mentioned foods often trigger pimples.

Final words 

We are not telling that our hacks are the ultimate secrets of keeping your skin pimple free. Not all may reap the equal benefit from these tips. In such a case, you better consult your dermatologists.

How to Treat Discolored Toenails

How to Treat Discolored Toenails?

How to Treat Discolored Toenails?


Discoloured toenails can be a great reason for your everyday embarrassment. To treat such toenails, there are lots of hacks and tips everywhere but not all of those are equally effective.


To help you out from the confusion, here we have listed the best effective methods out of our own research. Adopt any of the following to see the best outcome within the least possible time.


Treating discoloured toenails


Wash the feet at night


Although you should keep the feet clean always yet washing them with water and antibacterial soap before going to bed at night works the best. As per a study, this simple hack works magically to prevent infection from striking your feet.


Don’t forget to dry the feet after every wash, otherwise, wet feet may encourage the growth of other germs.


Don’t walk barefoot


Walking barefoot on mud or road exposes your feet to fungi, which are harmful to nails. Therefore, always cover your feet properly before walking on mud or road.


Apply powder


To spread nail fungus, which is a major cause of toenail discoloration (white/green/white/black) a warm and moist foot plays a vanguard role. And, the moistness, warmness most often comes from the sweating of the feet.


This is why preventing sweating of the feet is a must for you. And, you can do it easily with the sprinkling of powder like talcum before wearing shoes.


Avoid using cornstarch as the powder!


Keep the toenails short


Research reveals that longer toenails often move away from their beds being rubbed or hit by the tight environment of shoes. This simple open space can be a great abode of fungus.


Therefore, make sure that you snip the toenails before those are overgrown.


Use vinegar solution


Have your toenails developed a greenish hue? Then, the easiest method of treating that at the early stage for the best output is to use vinegar solution.


What you need to do is – have a large bowl and pour some water in it. Then, pour some white vinegar and stir the water well to make a good mixture. Finally, keep your feet dipped for a few minutes.


Repeat the method several times a day. Doing this, your toenails will be able to get rid of the harmful bacteria that have been the reason for infection.


Be gentle with the cuticles


Remember that the cuticles of your toenails act as a kind of weather strip. They protect the nails from harmful outside elements. So, whenever you’re doing pedicure, be gentle to the cuticles.


Apply nail polish


In case, the discoloration of your toenails is not linked to any kind of infection and you don’t have any pain or irritation, feel free to cover the discolored part with quality nail polish.


Final words


To sum up, to give you a cool and handsome look, your toenails have a major role. Therefore, treating them gently and early is a must. So, don’t linger anymore if you feel like the color of your toenails is changing.






How to Treat Cracked Lips

How to Treat Cracked Lips?



Got a pair of cracked lips that has been a reason for your discomfort this winter? No worries anymore, we are here for you with the pro tips recommended by the dermatologists.


Repairing cracked lips with simple hacks


Avoid using non-irritable lipstick or balm


Sometimes, it’s not the winter or the dryness that worsens the situation. Instead, it’s you who subconsciously does it. How?


You do it with the application of lipstick or lip balm that contains any of the following elements: camphor, eucalyptus, flavoring, fragrance, lanolin, menthol, octinoxate or oxybenzone, phenol, propyl gallate, salicylic acid.


Remember that any of the mentioned ingredients plays a vital role in boosting the burning and stinging feeling of your lips.


So, what should you do? Should you stop applying lipstick or balm? No, we didn’t mean it. Our point is – apply the lipstick or lip balm that contains any of the following ingredients instead of the above-mentioned ones.


Castor seed oil, ceramides, dimethicone, hemp seed oil, mineral oil, petrolatum, shea butter, sun-protective ingredients like titanium oxide or zinc oxide, white petroleum jelly.


Apply the lip balm or stick properly


If you aren’t aware of the proper application procedure of your balm or lipstick then we can’t assure you a pair of healthy lips even if you use balm or lipstick enriched with our recommended ingredients.


What you should do is – apply a thick layer of the balm or the lipstick all over the cracked parts.


What is the best time to wear ointment? According to the world famous dermatologists – lip balm or stick works the best if applied several times in the day time and before you go to bed at night.


Protect from the sun


To fight against your cracked lips, you must be aware in every second even while going outside. Remember that your lips can further be damaged by the sun ray. This eventually triggers cold sores, which is really painful.


Therefore, while going outside you should wear any of the sun-protective ointments that contain ingredients like Titanium oxide and Zinc oxide.


Keep wearing the ointment after every two hours as long as you’re not at home.


Drink water


Water therapy has been a trusted method for treating many diseases since the ancient days. And, to treat skin diseases water has a major role. Drink water as much as you can everyday especially in the morning on an empty stomach.


Don’t lick


Never wet your lips with saliva whenever you feel it to be dried. Keep in mind that according to science, lips become far drier as saliva evaporates.


Avoid metal products


Products like jewelry and paperclips, which are manufactured with metal cause irritation to sensitive lips. Thereby, avoid bringing such product closer to your lips.


Install a humidifier


If possible, install a humidifier in your room. This will serve you long-term results in the best possible way.


Final words


So, these were all from our part about the treatment of your cracked and damaged lips. In case, you don’t see any positive outcome with our recommended hacks, don’t delay consulting a skin specialist.








Natural Remedies to Fight Back Dandruff

Natural Remedies to Fight Back Dandruff

Dandruff, a name of nightmare to many especially to them who have been fighting against it without any satisfactory outcome. It doesn’t only hamper your smartness but also can be a major reason for unexpected hair fall.

This is why, you must be careful enough to fight back dandruff with natural ingredients as early as possible. Considering the gravity of the matter, today we will be introducing you to such 4 natural remedies.

How to get rid of dandruff naturally?

Every of the ingredients, which will be in our recommendation is every day-used home product. So, nothing to be concerned about expenditures. Here we go!

Lemon juice

Have fresh lemon and squeeze out two tablespoons of its juice. Stand before a mirror to pour the juice onto your scalp properly. Gently massage the scalp. Don’t be harsh to your scalp, this may cause further hair damage. However, allow the juice to keep sitting for one minute.

Within this 1 minute prepare a solution of water and lemon juice. Mix one tablespoon of juice with one cup of water. Use the mixture to rinse the hair.

You should do this before your everyday shower to experience the best result.

Green tea

Do you hate green tea because of its bitter taste? Don’t worry, you’re not required to drink it!

Then, what to do? Apply all over your scalp. But, before applying, don’t forget to mix tea with two other natural ingredients. One is white vinegar and another is peppermint essential oil.

Taking the mixture by hand, massage the scalp for 5-minutes at least. Finally, wash the scalp using shampoo and conditioner. Remember that both shampoo and conditioner must be free from sulfate.

Coconut oil

Have you been a user of coconut oil for years but no magical result is evident yet? Try the oil with our recommended way to have the expected outcome.

Make a mixture of five tablespoon of coconut oil with ten drops of tea tree oil. Apply the solution all over your scalp at night before you go to the bed. Wash the scalp in the morning using clean water.

In case, you aren’t liking the idea of night, there is an equally effective alternative solution for you. What you need to do is – apply the mixture onto the scalp at your leisure or at any time. Wait for half an hour before you rinse it with water.

Baking soda

It’s one of the simplest hacks from our recommended list. Have one tablespoon of baking soda. Sprinkle the powder along the scalp. Let the powder sit for a minute. As soon as the recommended timeline reaches, wash the scalp with either water or shampoo.

Be careful enough not to let the soda sit for more than the recommended time.

Final words

In the end, we suggest you have patience to see the satisfactory outcome. Remember that natural remedies often take a bit more time than those of synthetic in being completely effective.

Secrets of Having a Glowing Skin

Secrets of Having a Glowing Skin

Everyone does wish for a healthy glowing skin. Unfortunately, not many of them can give their dream a reality. Not, it’s not because of money but because of being unaware of some little tips of everyday life.

Therefore, today, we have decided to share such 7 tips with you through this write up. In case you have been one of the unfortunates, take the advantage of our dedication for you.

How to make your skin glowing? 

Hydrate the skin

A study shows that lack of regular and proper hydration of the skin doesn’t only make the skin dull but also strengthens the possibility of wrinkles.

Therefore, you should hydrate your skin regularly not with oil or serum but with face lotion or cream. Face lotion and cream are proven to be more hydrating than the other two.

Take antioxidant foods

Antioxidant foods like nuts, berries and grapes defend your skin against the harmful ultraviolet ray of the sun. As you know the ray is harmful enough to burn your skin, ruining the glow of your skin is nothing for it.

If you find the recommended foods to be hardly affordable to you, an effective substitution is there for you. Have 4 to 5 cloves of garlic every morning with water in an empty stomach.

Clean regularly

Do you know what causes the dullness to your skin? It’s the clogging of the skin pores by oil, dirt and pollutant particles. This is why you should wash your skin with clean water in the morning (after waking up) and night (before going to the bed).

Clean the skin with your fingers by rubbing them against the skin in a circular motion.  Don’t be harsh while rubbing because this eventually loosens the skin layers.

Exfoliate the skin

According to the experts, a successful exfoliating of your skin, brighten it immediately. In addition, this ensures you of a long-lasting effect. The secret is – it removes the dead cells of your outer skin like nothing else.

So, what you need to do is – apply either a chemical exfoliate like a face peel or a physical exfoliate like a face scrub to your skin and rub off the exfoliate mildly. Keep in mind that for dry or sensitive skin, one single application per week is recommended. And, for the skin of other types, three times is recommended.

Apply aloe-vera pack

Applying aloe-vera pack is another kind of exfoliation, which is completely natural and guarantees a satisfactory outcome.

Have a saucer. Put one tablespoon of aloe-vera, honey and milk on it. Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the pack all over the face by your hand. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing with tepid water.

You should apply the pack maximum two times a week.

Final words

To sum up, the dream of having a glowing healthy skin isn’t far away from your ability. The dream can be fulfilled at any time by adopting any of our suggested everyday life tips, every of which are extremely affordable.

How to Fix Broken a Nail

How to Fix Broken a Nail

Got a broken nail that has ruined the beauty of your hand and can’t understand how to fix it? Then, you are just at the right place where you will learn in detail how you can fix the nail in 4 different ways.

How to Fix Broken a Nail

Fixing a broken nail

To fix your nail following any of our recommended methods, you won’t need to spend a lot. Instead, you can fix it using your everyday used products. Here follow the methods one-by-one!

Fixing with a tea bag

Wondering how this can be possible? You will be more surprised seeing the final outcome. Here go the steps that you’re to follow:

  • Have a tea bag and cut the top of it. Make a square out of it that is close to the size of the nail’s crack.
  • Take a little amount of nail glue and apply it all over the cracked part. Before the glue gets dried, leave the square upon the glue. Make sure that the square sticks to the glue securely.
  • Keep waiting until the glue doesn’t dry naturally. Is the glue dried and the square stuck to it tightly? Well, then it’s time to apply another layer of the glue over the square. Let the later layer dry naturally.

Fixing with gel and silk wrap

In case your nail is fully cracked and dangling off the nail bed then a fixing with a tea bag may not be permanent. In that case, the combination of gel and a silk wrap ensures further effectiveness. This is how you can do it:

  • Wipe the crack using nail polish remover. Have a file and buff the nail mildly. Make sure that the nail is clean and smooth to the utmost.
  • Repair the crack with nail glue. When the glue dries up naturally, apply a thin layer of clear gel polish all over the nail.
  • A piece of silk must be pre-cut as per the size of the nail and must be placed now over the gel polish. Wait until the gel dries and the silk piece gets stuck to it securely.
  • Once everything is dried well, carefully buff the nail. Finish the process with the application of another thin layer of gel polish.

Fixing with gel strips

If you do find the silk wrap method to be a complicated one then you should adopt this gel strip method for the same outcome. What you need to do? Here follow the steps:

  • Clean off the excess polish and oil from the cracked nail. Repair the crack using nail glue.
  • Before the glue dries, place a gel strip on top of the gel. Smooth the strip and wait until it gets stuck to the nail tightly.

Fixing with glue

  • Buff the nail surface with the utmost softness to ensure no further damage.
  • Have fast-drying nail glue and apply two layers of it over the crack. When the layer is naturally dried up, apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a temporary fixation.

Final words

So, this is how you can fix your cracked nail in an instant and make yourself ready for any party or get together. In case, your crack is a major one that is causing bleeding, visiting a professional will make more sense.

How to Apply Gel Nails

How to Apply Gel Nails

Applying gel nails is quite tough and the situation gets tougher when you don’t know the right way of its application. This is why today, we will be sharing with you the most appropriate way of wearing gel nails.

Let know how to Apply Gel Nails

Garnish your nails with gel nails 

See, wearing gel nails has two parts – preparing and applying. Don’t dare to skip the first one for an outstanding outcome. Let’s begin!

Preparing the nails

  • Cut and file 

Have sufficient time and patience to cut the nails appropriately. While cutting, give them any of the following shapes – square, round, pointy, oval and almond. The matter of shape depends upon your palate.

Once, a neat cutting and shaping are done, it’s time for filing. File the tips of the nails with the utmost care not to leave those uneven.

Have a buffer to finish the shaping by rounding the nails’ surface.

  • Deal the cuticle

Take a premium quality cuticle remover. Apply a thin layer of the remover around the base of every nail.

Have a cuticle stick and use it to place the excess skin of the nail plate.

If there is any leftover debris or oil, don’t forget to clear off that using a acetone saturated cotton ball.

  • Apply base layer

Apply a thin coat of your basecoat all over the nails. Don’t hurry otherwise, the layer will be one your fingers and removing it from the fingers is another hassle. However, after the application is done, wait for twice the recommended duration of drying.

Apply the gel nails

  • Apply the color gel

Once the base coat dries up naturally, apply a thin coat of the color gel to every nail. The gel might appear to be streaky after the first application but nothing to be concerned about.

Remember that you should paint both the tips of the nails and the surfaces. This simple hack will make sure that the color isn’t curling back from the nails.

Switch on a UV lamp. Place every nail under its light and be in the same position formaximum 3 minutes.

  • Apply the top gel

Apply the top gel layer over the color gel just in the same way you applied the color gel a while ago. Also get this layer dried with the UV ray in the same way.

  • Clear off the tacky

In our experience we have seen many incidents of tackiness. It actually pops up as soon as the top gel dries up.

To clear off such a disgusting thing, we recommend you to have a isopropyl alcohol saturated cotton ball. Blot every nail surface with this ball and see the magic.

Call an end to this phase by rubbing cuticle oil into the skin that is around the base of the nails.

Final words

To sum up, garnishing your nails with gel nails is not as easy as it sounds to be. But, with our recommended guideline, you can win over the afflictions like a pro.

How to Keep Your Face Glowing this Winter

To help you maintain a healthy skin this winter, today we will be sharing four traditional face packs with you. None of our recommended packs requires you to have any ingredient that is unaffordable or unreachable. Interestingly, you will find all the ingredients to be your everyday kitchen stuff.

So, why be careless about skin care anymore? It’s time to shine babe, not to be shy with a cracked and dry skin.

Face packs to glow your skin in winter 

Carrot and honey pack

Have a piece of carrot. Pele it well and then purr. Put the pureed carrot in a saucer and pour one tablespoon pure honey all over it. Mix the two well.

Wash your face with fresh water at first. Mop it gently with a soft towel. Apply the mixture all over the face. Keep sitting for 20 minutes at least. Once the set time reaches, rinse the mask with fresh water.

The pack is very powerful to clear away all the dead skin cells from your face thus give it an even surface.

Aloe Vera and almond oil 

Pour 10 drops of almond oil upon your palm. Then, have aloe vera gel that amounts to a teaspoon. Blend the two well between your palms.

Apply the pack all over the skin well and keep rubbing your face in a circular motion for fifteen minutes at least. Okay, now let the pack sit upon your face for one whole night. Next morning, rinse the pack with fresh water. Your face must be super soft and look lively.

Instead of almond oil, you may use sesame oil as well for the same result.

Olive oil and cocoa butter

Take a saucer and put one tablespoon of olive oil and cocoa butter in it. Put a ginger paste that amounts to a half teaspoon. Make a paste blending the three elements well.

Is the paste ready? Then, why delay anymore? It’s time to wear the pack on the face. To wear it well, apply paste all over the face and neck gradually.

Why don’t you enjoy some good music for the next 20 minutes? Enjoy, because you are to sit steadily to let the paste do its job. As soon as, the timeline reaches, wash the pack using tepid water.

Milk cream and honey

Have a small size bowl first. Pour a tablespoon of milk cream and honey into it. Mix the two well to make a good paste.

Apply the paste all over the face and before you rinse the paste off with tepid water, keep sitting steadily for 15 minutes.

Your skin won’t only be super moisturized; it will clog the growth of pimple-growing bacteria.

Final words

In the end, we assure you that every of our packs has been in practice among Asians, especially the Chinese for thousands of years. Hence, we believe there remains no respite of hesitation or qualm for you.

How to Treat Dry Hair

Dry hair is a name of curse, a kind of phobia to many of the girls and boys. It doesn’t only make the hair brittle but also prevents it from taking the expected shape.

But, do you know you can fight back the problem with some simple hacks and a changed lifestyle? If you didn’t then why don’t you spend some time going through our following write up that introduces you to those hacks and tips?

Dry hair treating hacks and tips

To be straightforward, our listed treatments are sheer recommendations of the world famous hair experts. So, your blind reliance won’t go in vain rather pay you back by many folds. Here we go!

Have your hair cut

When your hair is too dry, it may simply need a reset. A reset in the form of a fresh haircut. Even if you find your hair to be not too long, take the advice.

Apply some coconut oil

You will be amazed to learn that a 2005 study found that coconut oil is especially good at the penetration of your hair fibers. The research also shows that it’s a natural emollient that fills the gaps of your hair strands in case those have been damaged by heat.

Put on a hat

You are already aware of the fact that too much exposure of your skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun damages the skin cells, right? In the same way, your hair shaft can easily be damaged if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Therefore, try to wear a hat always whenever you’re outside the home. And, if it’s already late, nothing to be heartbroken! You can repair the damage by applying some aloevera gel all over the hair.

Use essential oils

To give your hair further supple and finished appearance, you can apply a few drops of essential oil at the ends of hair. As essential oil, you may use any of the following: peppermint oil, argon oil or lavender oil.

If possible mix a few drops of all the three types of oils with coconut oil. The feel of dryness will disappear very soon.

Have cold shower

Try to avoid the habit of having a hot bath rather form the habit of having a cold bath. There are numerous benefits of a cold bath and one of those is the revitalization of your hair strands and refreshment of the scalp.

Don’t wash hair everyday

Sebum, natural oil that eases the maintenance of your hair is reduced significantly when you keep washing hair regularly. Eventually, your hair becomes dry thus you find its maintenance to be tough.

Add certain vitamins to everyday meal

Vitamin A, C, H (also known as biotin) and iron play the major role in giving a healthier look to your hair. So, try to have these on a regular basis in any form.

Final words

To sum up, dry hair isn’t as tough to treat as you might have been considering it so far. Adopt out recommended tips to have your dreamt hairstyle to have more confidence and to make yourself more presentable.