How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Too dry or too oily skin is one of the most complained issues of men and women. This kills your beauty if not taken care regularly and eventually results in loss of confidence.

Therefore, today we will be trying to address one of the issues – dry skin. You will be amazed to learn how you could have maintained a healthy skin so far if the following tips were known to you.

Tips to fight back a dry skin

Avoid skin-sensitive fabrics

Natural fibers like silk and cotton allow the skin to breathe, which is a natural process. But, if you’re using wool, which is another natural fiber obviously, may be irritable to your skin.

Wash clothes only with detergent

If necessary, you should wash your clothes using premium quality detergent only. Never use any kind of perfume or dye. Both the ingredients can be a major reason for skin irritation.

Use lukewarm water

While taking a bath, make sure that your water is not too hot because hot water is responsible for the removal of your natural skin oil. But, yes, you are completely allowed to use lukewarm water for comfort.

Limit bath-taking duration

Taking a bath, spending a lot of time or taking bath several times a day is often responsible for dry skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t lengthen your bath-taking duration more than 6 minutes. And, the frequency of bathing should also be minimized.

Don’t use harsh soap

Bathe with mild soap that features fat and oil. But, taking the bath with gentle skin cleansers orcleansing creams and bath or shower gels with added moisturizers is considered the best.

Besides being aware of soap, ensure that you use no kind of antibacterial detergent, fragrance, deodorant and alcohol.

Apply moisturizer

Once you take your bath, mop the water off your skin using a towel with gentleness. This will leave some moisturizer upon the skin. Then, apply a moisturizer cream or any ointment that contains petrolatum or glycerin or lactic acid or urea.

The ingredients of the ointment or the cream trap the moisturizer of your skin for a certain amount of time.

In case you’re unable to bear the cost of such a cream or ointment, you can use glycerin that is available everywhere and cheap.

Use a humidifier

Hot and dry air of your house can make your skin dry. To solve this issue, you should have a portable humidifier. Don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness of it; otherwise, your purpose might not be fully served.


  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Apply lip balm on the lips to get rid of the dry feeling
  • Your skin care products must be free from any kind of fragrance
  • Don’t sit or stand too close to a heat source

Final words

So, this is how you can get rid of a dry skin issue. If you find this to be excessively irritable then consulting a dermatologist at the early hour is our prime recommendation.

Winter Pedicure for Men

Winter Pedicure for Men

Men are often indifferent to physical beautification as the processes are time-consuming. But, not every beautification process takes much time and pedicure is one of them.

Therefore, today we will be introducing you to a general method of pedicure for taking care of your feet this winter. Even if you are from the opposite gender, you are most welcome to adopt the method with confidence.

Pedicure guideline for men 

Soak the feet

Dip your feet either into a water-filled bucket or into your bathtub. Stay in that position for 5 minutes maximum.

The touch of water will soften the dry and tough skin of your feet. This will result in your easier and quicker treatment of the skin.

In case you expect an aromatic experience, then don’t forget to mix some natural body wash with water.

After the times out, bring out the feet from water. Don’t you feel like the skin is sufficiently tender? Then, have the water treatment for another 5 minutes. And, obviously, change the water first.

Scrub the feet

Okay, after you bring out the feet from water, don’t mop them. It’s time for scrubbing the feet. Scrub using either scrubber made especially for men or foot file.

This simple appearing scrubbing will clean away all the dead skins and harmful build up that spurs the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria.

Clip the toenails

Use a sharp nail clip to clip the nails. Here, you must be careful enough not to leave any kind of hanging nails. Once all the nails are clipped, take a file to smoothen the nail edges. Uneven edges do not only creates an ugly look but also causes little injuries.

File the nails

Have a nail file to file the nails from one side to the other. Be gentle while filing, otherwise you may unconsciously leave reason for future nail damage.

However, stop filing the nails as soon as you feel like the file is too close to the tips of the toes.

Cut the cuticle

Take a cuticle clipper to cut the extended cuticle. Never dare to rip the cuticle with fingers like an indifferent person. This won’t only be a reason for instant bleeding and swelling but also inspire nasty infections.

Are your cuticles out of shape? In that case, use a cuticle stick to push them back into their place. Be gentle while pushing.

Rinse the feet

Rinse the feet using lukewarm water if possible, otherwise room temperature water will also be fine. Mop the feet with a soft and fresh cloth piece. Let the water of the unreachable parts dry naturally.

Apply body lotion

In the end of the process, you should have body lotion that is made of natural ingredients. Apply the lotion all over your feet and toes. This simple application soothes the dry skin and the nicks if created while performing the steps.

Final words

To sum up, beauty isn’t a thing that should be possessed by only the girls rather it’s universal which everyone must practice. So, why keep your feet deprived of a lovely appearance even when the method is quick and cheap?

How Do Dip Nails Work

How Do Dip Nails Work

Are you sick of doing the typical manicures, which are time-consuming, quite tough yet don’t last so long? Congrats, you are just at the right place although we’re not sure whether the time is perfect for you or not. Ha..ha…jokes apart!

You’re in the right place in the sense that the following write up presents you with a completely exceptional and quite a new version manicure, known as dip nails. This manicure isn’t only an easy solution but also lasts for a comparatively long duration.

So, why delay? Let’s introduce you to every pros and cons of this unique manicure!

Dip powder nails manicure

What is this manicure like?

According to the adopters of dip powder nails manicure, it’s a manicure that is actually in between the regular manicure and the fake acrylic nail. They add that the manicure can be addressed as a diet acrylic.

The manicure requires you to dip the nails into a jar of powder whose color will be after your mind. And, a single manicure is heard to last for up to 4 weeks. Most interestingly, for having such a lengthy service, you won’t be required to apply UV light upon the applied color.

How does dip powder nails actually work for you?

Here follows the entire working process of dip powder nails:

  • First thing first, clean your nails making sure that no leftovers are upon them. A smooth base is a must, so file the nails with caution. Smoothen the edges and file the cuticles.
  • As soon as your nails are washed and dried well, it’s time for the onset of the real manicure. However, apply a base coating to every nail.
  • Dip the wet nails into the jar of powder. Clear away the excess amount of powder by tapping and brushing.
  • Keep repeating the dipping and brushing whilst you feel like your expected color and opacity are achieved.
  • The moment your nails get the expected color and opacity, end the process with the application of sealant. The sealant won’t take much time to be dried up.

Is the manicure safe?

In addition to easiness in application, duration of service and cost, safety should also be in your consideration. If you ask us – how much safe dip powder nails are, then our answer will be – nothing is an unmixed blessing in the world and it’s not possible to have something completely unmixed.

In the case of dip powder, getting the pure powder jar that is accredited by the health department is very tough.

Apart from this mere issue the powder doesn’t contain any type of acrylic nail glue. Besides, dip powder uses thinner layers.This lessens the risk of your having an unexpected nail infection or damaged nail bed.

Final words

To sum up, dip powder nails, is a revolutionary manicure that costs you less while offering more. And, you aren’t even forced to make any compromise with the safety of your nails and skin. You know, what we have just meant!

How do Color Street Nails Work

How do Color Street Nails Work

Do you want to have a mess-free manicure that doesn’t require drying time and costs very less? Then, color street nails are obviously for you. These are basically stickers upon which quality nail polish is already applied and dried.

What you just need to do is – stick every piece of sticker upon every of your nails and clear away the excess. You will definitely be amazed by seeing the infallible mimic appearance.

However, we won’t lengthen the intro anymore rather take you to the basics of color street nails. Here we go!

Color Street Nails Work

How do the stickers work actually?

Believe us this is the most inboxed question ever. People just can’t believe that something like a nail sticker can be in existence and that it can really work. If you are also one of the curious persons who is really desperate to have the explanation, here follows it for you:

Each pack of Color Street nail stickers essentially features 16 strips of different colors. As a result, you can find the best suit for your nails, no matter what the occasion is.

Choose your strip size that will fit each of your nails in the best possible way, peel-off the backing paper and smooth the strip onto your nail from cuticle to tip.

As you reach the tip, you may find an overhang strip. Address this petty issue by filing off the excess portion with the file that you have got in the kit. Don’t be worried about snagging the polish! These strips are meant to be filed.

O, one more important thing is left to be discussed for you in this section. What might be that? Well, it’s the second most asked question to us – how long the strips last actually?

See, the strips are basically designed in such a way so that these can keep sitting on your nails for 10 long days at a stretch. But, there are some users, according to whom the lasting duration is even more. Now, it’s become a matter of subjectivity, hasn’t it?

How will I remove the strips?

Although, this was not in our priority list to be addressed yet we felt like why not give you a basic shadow upon the topic as you might need to know it.

As the strips contain only quality nail polish, they won’t force you to sweat a lot for the removal. What you will be doing is – apply quality nail polish remover  or classic acetone. You’re done!


  • Remember that before you apply any type of color street nail, you must make sure that you have cleaned the nails in the best possible way. Every nail must be free from any remaining and must have a smooth base.

Final words

Once the strips are set on your nails, be sure that none will be able to scent of anything fishy. So, nothing to be upset or feel awkward. Enjoy your time to the fullest!

How to Remove Acrylic Nail Polish

How to Remove Acrylic Nail Polish



While removing acrylic nail polish from your nails, you unconsciously remove some layers of your nail plate. This results in flimsy and thin nails.


So, what should you do? Should you stop using acrylic nail polish? No, we never meant that. Instead, what we meant is – you need to adopt a scientific method of removing acrylic nail polish.


Don’t you know the method? Then, keep following us till the end to get yourself introduced to it.


Removal of acrylic nail polish with a healthy way


Tools required


  • Nail file
  • Acetone
  • Manicure sticks
  • Nail buffer
  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminium foil
  • A small pot


Steps to be considered 


  • Avoid filing the nails in the regular way rather thin out the whole acrylic covered area gently. Here, you must keep in mind that your fight is against acrylic, so using a normal grit will be of no or less use. You better go for as coarse grit as possible.


  • Once you feel like much amount of acrylic is buffed away, it’s time to soak off the nails. Pour down acetone into a pot and dip your nails into acetone. Keep the nails dipped until the remaining acrylic layer dissolves.


  • After 20 minutes of soaking check the nails scrupulously. Wherever you locate any softened layer scrape it off using a manicure stick. Keep doing the same as long as a minimum acrylic layer is visible.


Final words


Finally, be further aware while using the grit and acetone. Grit may cause slight injury to the nail-adjacent areas while using acetone in a stuffed room can be responsible for a temporary respiratory irritation.




How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Although there are numerous methods of removing gel nail polish yet none of them or very few of them are completely effective with a complete safety of skin. Therefore, we decided to help you out from such a nasty situation and started looking for a perfect method.


What we have got for you after our weeks of research follows below in detail.


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?


Tools required


  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Manicure sticks
  • Nail file
  • Aluminium foil
  • A dual-sided nail brush


Steps to follow


  • Firstly, buff away the surface layer of manicure using a nail file. Keep rubbing it all over your nails until you feel like the last portion of the top coat is removed. Now, place each nail under a light for a further better inspection.


What do you think? Are there any remaining shiny patches? Then, you need to continue the buffing away.  Otherwise, end this step.


  • Fill a tiny pot or dish with nail polish remover. Dip 10 cotton balls into the solution.
  • Place a cotton ball upon a nail and cover the nail portion with aluminium foil. This will ensure you a secure sitting of the cotton ball. As soon as you are done with all the 10 fingers, it’s time to halt for 20 minutes at least.


  • Take off the foil pieces and cotton balls. Gently apply pressure all over every nail with a manicure stick. This must buff away the remaining coating.


  • If unfortunately you find that a gentle pressure isn’t working, this means you must repeat step no 3.


  • In the end, you may apply some cuticle oil all over every nail to keep the nails stronger and healthier.


Final words

In the end, our mere recommendation for you is – always use the premium quality nail products. Otherwise, your nail may undergo unexpected and irreversible damage.