How do Color Street Nails Work

How do Color Street Nails Work

Do you want to have a mess-free manicure that doesn’t require drying time and costs very less? Then, color street nails are obviously for you. These are basically stickers upon which quality nail polish is already applied and dried.

What you just need to do is – stick every piece of sticker upon every of your nails and clear away the excess. You will definitely be amazed by seeing the infallible mimic appearance.

However, we won’t lengthen the intro anymore rather take you to the basics of color street nails. Here we go!

Color Street Nails Work

How do the stickers work actually?

Believe us this is the most inboxed question ever. People just can’t believe that something like a nail sticker can be in existence and that it can really work. If you are also one of the curious persons who is really desperate to have the explanation, here follows it for you:

Each pack of Color Street nail stickers essentially features 16 strips of different colors. As a result, you can find the best suit for your nails, no matter what the occasion is.

Choose your strip size that will fit each of your nails in the best possible way, peel-off the backing paper and smooth the strip onto your nail from cuticle to tip.

As you reach the tip, you may find an overhang strip. Address this petty issue by filing off the excess portion with the file that you have got in the kit. Don’t be worried about snagging the polish! These strips are meant to be filed.

O, one more important thing is left to be discussed for you in this section. What might be that? Well, it’s the second most asked question to us – how long the strips last actually?

See, the strips are basically designed in such a way so that these can keep sitting on your nails for 10 long days at a stretch. But, there are some users, according to whom the lasting duration is even more. Now, it’s become a matter of subjectivity, hasn’t it?

How will I remove the strips?

Although, this was not in our priority list to be addressed yet we felt like why not give you a basic shadow upon the topic as you might need to know it.

As the strips contain only quality nail polish, they won’t force you to sweat a lot for the removal. What you will be doing is – apply quality nail polish remover  or classic acetone. You’re done!


  • Remember that before you apply any type of color street nail, you must make sure that you have cleaned the nails in the best possible way. Every nail must be free from any remaining and must have a smooth base.

Final words

Once the strips are set on your nails, be sure that none will be able to scent of anything fishy. So, nothing to be upset or feel awkward. Enjoy your time to the fullest!