How Do Dip Nails Work

How Do Dip Nails Work

Are you sick of doing the typical manicures, which are time-consuming, quite tough yet don’t last so long? Congrats, you are just at the right place although we’re not sure whether the time is perfect for you or not. Ha..ha…jokes apart!

You’re in the right place in the sense that the following write up presents you with a completely exceptional and quite a new version manicure, known as dip nails. This manicure isn’t only an easy solution but also lasts for a comparatively long duration.

So, why delay? Let’s introduce you to every pros and cons of this unique manicure!

Dip powder nails manicure

What is this manicure like?

According to the adopters of dip powder nails manicure, it’s a manicure that is actually in between the regular manicure and the fake acrylic nail. They add that the manicure can be addressed as a diet acrylic.

The manicure requires you to dip the nails into a jar of powder whose color will be after your mind. And, a single manicure is heard to last for up to 4 weeks. Most interestingly, for having such a lengthy service, you won’t be required to apply UV light upon the applied color.

How does dip powder nails actually work for you?

Here follows the entire working process of dip powder nails:

  • First thing first, clean your nails making sure that no leftovers are upon them. A smooth base is a must, so file the nails with caution. Smoothen the edges and file the cuticles.
  • As soon as your nails are washed and dried well, it’s time for the onset of the real manicure. However, apply a base coating to every nail.
  • Dip the wet nails into the jar of powder. Clear away the excess amount of powder by tapping and brushing.
  • Keep repeating the dipping and brushing whilst you feel like your expected color and opacity are achieved.
  • The moment your nails get the expected color and opacity, end the process with the application of sealant. The sealant won’t take much time to be dried up.

Is the manicure safe?

In addition to easiness in application, duration of service and cost, safety should also be in your consideration. If you ask us – how much safe dip powder nails are, then our answer will be – nothing is an unmixed blessing in the world and it’s not possible to have something completely unmixed.

In the case of dip powder, getting the pure powder jar that is accredited by the health department is very tough.

Apart from this mere issue the powder doesn’t contain any type of acrylic nail glue. Besides, dip powder uses thinner layers.This lessens the risk of your having an unexpected nail infection or damaged nail bed.

Final words

To sum up, dip powder nails, is a revolutionary manicure that costs you less while offering more. And, you aren’t even forced to make any compromise with the safety of your nails and skin. You know, what we have just meant!