How Do You Know If Your Hair is Damaged

How Do You Know If Your Hair is Damaged?

Just like your body and skin, your hair also shows you the signs of its slow damage. The faster you identify the signs, the better it is for the treatment as it will take comparatively less labor, time and cost.

Therefore, today we have come up with such crucial signs that your hair might have been showing you so far and you have been ignoring those consistently.

Symptoms of damaging hair

No shininess 

One of the most common signs that unhealthy hair shows is lower or no brightness. Usual healthy hair shines whenever it comes to the contact of light or the sun and reflects the true hair color.

On the contrary, unhealthy or damaged hair appears to be pale and plain. It seems like the hair has been burnt.


Take a strand of your hair and try to stretch it out in the same way you stretch a rubber. What do you see? Is the strand stretched a bit or snapped in the midway? If it’s snapped then things are to be worried about.

This may be a result of excessive dryness or malnutrition in the hair. Consult an expert to get the thing back on track.

Split ends

Don’t you know what a split end is? Well, take a strand of your hair especially from the round of your face and look closely at the end of it. What do you see – an end or two divided ends? If you see the divided ends, it’s split end.


To check whether your hair is rough or not, you can do a simple test. Run the fingers through the hair. If the hair is unhealthy, it will be rough and dry. Moreover, you will find some hair strands on the palm of your hand.

All-time dry

Your hair can be dry and still there is no risk if it is a result of your being outside so long and being exposed to the sun. But, if the dryness persists, not going away automatically, something is wrong.

In such a case, experts recommend you wash the hair using a quality conditioner at first. If the dryness is still there, you must visit a hair specialist.


Run a brush or a comb or simply your fingers through the hair. Does any of these get stuck at any point of running? Well, this means that your hair is tangled instead of sliding against one another.

Unnecessary hair fall

Now, this is the ultimate sign of damaged hair. You will experience the loss of hair while combing or washing or running the fingers or sleeping on the pillow. No doubt that at a certain time you will be bald.

Final words

Hair doesn’t only beautify your body but also plays a significant role in boosting your confidence. To hold such an invaluable blessing of the Almighty forever, you must be well-aware of our listed signs before it’s too late.