How to Apply Gel Nails

How to Apply Gel Nails

Applying gel nails is quite tough and the situation gets tougher when you don’t know the right way of its application. This is why today, we will be sharing with you the most appropriate way of wearing gel nails.

Let know how to Apply Gel Nails

Garnish your nails with gel nails 

See, wearing gel nails has two parts – preparing and applying. Don’t dare to skip the first one for an outstanding outcome. Let’s begin!

Preparing the nails

  • Cut and file 

Have sufficient time and patience to cut the nails appropriately. While cutting, give them any of the following shapes – square, round, pointy, oval and almond. The matter of shape depends upon your palate.

Once, a neat cutting and shaping are done, it’s time for filing. File the tips of the nails with the utmost care not to leave those uneven.

Have a buffer to finish the shaping by rounding the nails’ surface.

  • Deal the cuticle

Take a premium quality cuticle remover. Apply a thin layer of the remover around the base of every nail.

Have a cuticle stick and use it to place the excess skin of the nail plate.

If there is any leftover debris or oil, don’t forget to clear off that using a acetone saturated cotton ball.

  • Apply base layer

Apply a thin coat of your basecoat all over the nails. Don’t hurry otherwise, the layer will be one your fingers and removing it from the fingers is another hassle. However, after the application is done, wait for twice the recommended duration of drying.

Apply the gel nails

  • Apply the color gel

Once the base coat dries up naturally, apply a thin coat of the color gel to every nail. The gel might appear to be streaky after the first application but nothing to be concerned about.

Remember that you should paint both the tips of the nails and the surfaces. This simple hack will make sure that the color isn’t curling back from the nails.

Switch on a UV lamp. Place every nail under its light and be in the same position formaximum 3 minutes.

  • Apply the top gel

Apply the top gel layer over the color gel just in the same way you applied the color gel a while ago. Also get this layer dried with the UV ray in the same way.

  • Clear off the tacky

In our experience we have seen many incidents of tackiness. It actually pops up as soon as the top gel dries up.

To clear off such a disgusting thing, we recommend you to have a isopropyl alcohol saturated cotton ball. Blot every nail surface with this ball and see the magic.

Call an end to this phase by rubbing cuticle oil into the skin that is around the base of the nails.

Final words

To sum up, garnishing your nails with gel nails is not as easy as it sounds to be. But, with our recommended guideline, you can win over the afflictions like a pro.