How to diagnose a sensitive skin?

Diagnosing the sensitivity of your skin is very simple that you can do yourself at home and take measures to treat it before it’s too late. To help you do the diagnosing easily and correctly, here we have listed the most common signs of a sensitive skin.

Do go through the signs and match to your skin condition. Here we begin!

Prominent signs of your skin sensitivity


Redness in the form of red bump or red rash or red dilated blood vessels or flushing or blushing may appear on your skin. If the sign goes away short after simple treatment, then it’s normal.

But, if it persists and keeps coming back frequently, this is a bad omen. That’s to say your skin might be sensitive to a particular thing that you mightn’t have noticed so far.

Burning feeling

Whenever you apply any skin product, especially the alcoholic one, you will start having burning feelings from the applied part of your skin. Rinse off the gel or spray at once with water without delay.

The stinging feeling is actually a message from your skin that it can’t tolerate the properties of the product.


You will be attacked with uncomfortable rashes now and then. As a whole you might face difficulty in identifying the proper reason.

Let us help you sort out the issue effortlessly! Try to remember what had come into contact with the skin just before the rashes appeared.

Flakes and peels

Dandruff-like flaking will be all over your skin that makes you look quite exotic. In addition peeling might be here and there making the condition worse.

Over-reactive skin

Exposure to certain things or to any of the things will be causing irritation to your skin: soaps, fragrances, perfumes, detergents, skincare and household products. The worst of all is – sometimes your skin will react negatively to the exposure of excessive hot, cold and wind.


Itchiness of the skin is going to kill the peace of your mind just after the application of cleansing products or warm water. Again, too warm or too cold an environment can be responsible for triggering the itchiness.


You often overlook the excessive dryness of your skin and even sometimes you’re lad that your skin isn’t as oily as that of your friend. But, do you have any idea what the dryness of your skin is actually telling to you?

It’s a sign that your skin is sensitive and measures should be taken to treat it before it runs you into an embarrassing situation.

Early sunburnt

Does your skin take very less time to be sunburnt? Well, then it’s not an omen to be overjoyed. Skin that gets burnt by the sun too early is a message of being too sensitive.

Final words

If you did find a match of your skin condition with any of our recommended signs, no doubt your skin is sensitive and it’s high time you consulted a dermatologist.