How to Dye Hair at Home

Want to dye your hair without visiting the experts but don’t know how to do that step-by-step? For you, today we have come up with a complete guideline of hair dyeing. Following it from first to last you can dye your hair sitting at home for the outcome that only a pro can guarantee.

Steps of dyeing your hair 

  • Stop washing your hair either one or two day before the dyeing. As a result, your scalp will develop natural oil. Thus, the dye will be able to get stuck to hair more naturally and permanently. This is an assurance that the dye will last longer.
  • Choose your color wisely. In this step, we will recommend nothing to you because it is dependent upon your taste. But, it is always better to have a hair dye that features not more than two shades.
  • Choose the most spaced part of your house. Cover the floor and the adjacent furniture with unused rags or newspaper. Even you should put on something that is of no use. Otherwise, your glittering floor, expensive furniture and favorite clothes are going to be stained very badly.
  • To make sure that there remains no gridlock through the hair comb it well. This will ease your application of the dye. Besides, this will make sure that the color is spread symmetrically.
  • Do you have lip balm, conditioner or Vaseline in your collection? Then take out any of them. Have the gel on your index finger and apply it on the edges of your ears, neck and hair. Doing so you will be able to wash off the excess coating of dye meticulously.
  • Are there hand gloves with your purchased hair dye? Although, a pair of gloves should be with it yet if they are missing, don’t hesitate to buy a pair. It doesn’t matter whether the gloves are made of latex or vinyl or glove.

You may apply the dye without gloves no doubt of it but doing so you will get your hand stained with stubborn dye.

  • Have a saucer of plastic, glass or porcelain. Pour the color elements into it in the proportion as suggested by the producer. Mix the ingredients well using a stick or finger or by the thing recommended.
  • Start applying the mixed ingredients all over the hair using palm and fingers. To apply to the subtle areas, you may use a toothbrush.
  • Once the application is done, check the producers’ recommended duration of sitting idle. Set the timer and keep sitting until the time reaches.
  • At first, rinse off the excess dye from your neck, ear and hairline. Then, wash the hair standing under the shower or submerging them into sink water.
  • Apply shampoo and then conditioner to impose a more gorgeous look upon the hair. Finally, dry the hair either naturally or with a hair dryer.

Final words

Choosing wrong hair dye can tell upon your hair and scalp to a great extent. Therefore, make sure that it is of good brand and features natural ingredients maximum. Avoid using the dye that causes irritation to the scalp.