How to Fight Back Dark Circles 

Frustrated with the dark circles? Don’t be, because it is a common problem not only to you but also to millions. Instead, we recommend you to fight back the age-increasing circles with the hacks followed below for you.

Fighting back the dark circles

The hacks that we will be sharing with you won’t be requiring you to spend a lot; rather these are merely home remedies suggested by the experts. Here we go!

Applying cold compress

One of the most suggestive causes of dark circles is swollen and dilated blood vessels, which are just below your eyes. Treating the blood vessels in an effective way can help you get rid of dark circles to a great extent.

So, what you need to do is – have a clean piece of rag, put some ice cubes in it and then wrap the rag tightly. Dab the wrapped rag mildly all over the circles.

In case, there is no ice cube available, there is another equally alternative method. Wet a clean rag piece with cold water and apply the rag all over the circles for half an hour.

Have sufficient sleep

According to a scientific study, dark circles can be a signal that your body and brain are not getting enough rest. Therefore, we recommend you to have timely sleep for eight hours at a stretch. Try to sleep in a dark and silent room as this boosts quality sleeping.

Sleep properly

You will be amazed to learn that a wrong sleeping position can also be a great cause of dark circles. How? Well, when you sleep keeping your head excessively low, blood pools below your eyes. And, this eventually appears to be swollen and looks puffy.

This is why we consulted sleeping experts according to whom we should keep our head a bit elevated while sleeping. How to do that? You can do it in the best possible way that occurs to your mind. For example, you can have an elevated pillow or a couple of pillows under the head.

Apply tea bag

Yes, your used tea bag can also be used to treat the stubborn dark circles. Actually, tea is enriched with antioxidants and caffeine. These two compounds are proven to be blood circulation booster, blood vessel shrinker and liquid retention (under the skin) reductor.

However, an effective use of tea bags requires you to do the following: have 2 green or black tea bags; put the two in hot water and let them be there for 5-minutes; refrigerate the bags for 20 minutes maximum. Get the bags out of the freezer and apply those to your eyes. Let them sit on your eyes for 20 minutes maximum.

As soon as 20 minutes is over, remove the tea bags and rinse the area with cold water.

Final words

In the end, it won’t be wrong in saying that fighting back the dark circles isn’t as hard as it is thought to be. What you need to do is to continue the treatment with the proper hacks.