How to Fix Broken a Nail

How to Fix Broken a Nail

Got a broken nail that has ruined the beauty of your hand and can’t understand how to fix it? Then, you are just at the right place where you will learn in detail how you can fix the nail in 4 different ways.

How to Fix Broken a Nail

Fixing a broken nail

To fix your nail following any of our recommended methods, you won’t need to spend a lot. Instead, you can fix it using your everyday used products. Here follow the methods one-by-one!

Fixing with a tea bag

Wondering how this can be possible? You will be more surprised seeing the final outcome. Here go the steps that you’re to follow:

  • Have a tea bag and cut the top of it. Make a square out of it that is close to the size of the nail’s crack.
  • Take a little amount of nail glue and apply it all over the cracked part. Before the glue gets dried, leave the square upon the glue. Make sure that the square sticks to the glue securely.
  • Keep waiting until the glue doesn’t dry naturally. Is the glue dried and the square stuck to it tightly? Well, then it’s time to apply another layer of the glue over the square. Let the later layer dry naturally.

Fixing with gel and silk wrap

In case your nail is fully cracked and dangling off the nail bed then a fixing with a tea bag may not be permanent. In that case, the combination of gel and a silk wrap ensures further effectiveness. This is how you can do it:

  • Wipe the crack using nail polish remover. Have a file and buff the nail mildly. Make sure that the nail is clean and smooth to the utmost.
  • Repair the crack with nail glue. When the glue dries up naturally, apply a thin layer of clear gel polish all over the nail.
  • A piece of silk must be pre-cut as per the size of the nail and must be placed now over the gel polish. Wait until the gel dries and the silk piece gets stuck to it securely.
  • Once everything is dried well, carefully buff the nail. Finish the process with the application of another thin layer of gel polish.

Fixing with gel strips

If you do find the silk wrap method to be a complicated one then you should adopt this gel strip method for the same outcome. What you need to do? Here follow the steps:

  • Clean off the excess polish and oil from the cracked nail. Repair the crack using nail glue.
  • Before the glue dries, place a gel strip on top of the gel. Smooth the strip and wait until it gets stuck to the nail tightly.

Fixing with glue

  • Buff the nail surface with the utmost softness to ensure no further damage.
  • Have fast-drying nail glue and apply two layers of it over the crack. When the layer is naturally dried up, apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a temporary fixation.

Final words

So, this is how you can fix your cracked nail in an instant and make yourself ready for any party or get together. In case, your crack is a major one that is causing bleeding, visiting a professional will make more sense.