How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Too dry or too oily skin is one of the most complained issues of men and women. This kills your beauty if not taken care regularly and eventually results in loss of confidence.

Therefore, today we will be trying to address one of the issues – dry skin. You will be amazed to learn how you could have maintained a healthy skin so far if the following tips were known to you.

Tips to fight back a dry skin

Avoid skin-sensitive fabrics

Natural fibers like silk and cotton allow the skin to breathe, which is a natural process. But, if you’re using wool, which is another natural fiber obviously, may be irritable to your skin.

Wash clothes only with detergent

If necessary, you should wash your clothes using premium quality detergent only. Never use any kind of perfume or dye. Both the ingredients can be a major reason for skin irritation.

Use lukewarm water

While taking a bath, make sure that your water is not too hot because hot water is responsible for the removal of your natural skin oil. But, yes, you are completely allowed to use lukewarm water for comfort.

Limit bath-taking duration

Taking a bath, spending a lot of time or taking bath several times a day is often responsible for dry skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t lengthen your bath-taking duration more than 6 minutes. And, the frequency of bathing should also be minimized.

Don’t use harsh soap

Bathe with mild soap that features fat and oil. But, taking the bath with gentle skin cleansers orcleansing creams and bath or shower gels with added moisturizers is considered the best.

Besides being aware of soap, ensure that you use no kind of antibacterial detergent, fragrance, deodorant and alcohol.

Apply moisturizer

Once you take your bath, mop the water off your skin using a towel with gentleness. This will leave some moisturizer upon the skin. Then, apply a moisturizer cream or any ointment that contains petrolatum or glycerin or lactic acid or urea.

The ingredients of the ointment or the cream trap the moisturizer of your skin for a certain amount of time.

In case you’re unable to bear the cost of such a cream or ointment, you can use glycerin that is available everywhere and cheap.

Use a humidifier

Hot and dry air of your house can make your skin dry. To solve this issue, you should have a portable humidifier. Don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness of it; otherwise, your purpose might not be fully served.


  • Keep the bathroom door closed
  • Apply lip balm on the lips to get rid of the dry feeling
  • Your skin care products must be free from any kind of fragrance
  • Don’t sit or stand too close to a heat source

Final words

So, this is how you can get rid of a dry skin issue. If you find this to be excessively irritable then consulting a dermatologist at the early hour is our prime recommendation.