How to Keep Your Face Glowing this Winter

To help you maintain a healthy skin this winter, today we will be sharing four traditional face packs with you. None of our recommended packs requires you to have any ingredient that is unaffordable or unreachable. Interestingly, you will find all the ingredients to be your everyday kitchen stuff.

So, why be careless about skin care anymore? It’s time to shine babe, not to be shy with a cracked and dry skin.

Face packs to glow your skin in winter 

Carrot and honey pack

Have a piece of carrot. Pele it well and then purr. Put the pureed carrot in a saucer and pour one tablespoon pure honey all over it. Mix the two well.

Wash your face with fresh water at first. Mop it gently with a soft towel. Apply the mixture all over the face. Keep sitting for 20 minutes at least. Once the set time reaches, rinse the mask with fresh water.

The pack is very powerful to clear away all the dead skin cells from your face thus give it an even surface.

Aloe Vera and almond oil 

Pour 10 drops of almond oil upon your palm. Then, have aloe vera gel that amounts to a teaspoon. Blend the two well between your palms.

Apply the pack all over the skin well and keep rubbing your face in a circular motion for fifteen minutes at least. Okay, now let the pack sit upon your face for one whole night. Next morning, rinse the pack with fresh water. Your face must be super soft and look lively.

Instead of almond oil, you may use sesame oil as well for the same result.

Olive oil and cocoa butter

Take a saucer and put one tablespoon of olive oil and cocoa butter in it. Put a ginger paste that amounts to a half teaspoon. Make a paste blending the three elements well.

Is the paste ready? Then, why delay anymore? It’s time to wear the pack on the face. To wear it well, apply paste all over the face and neck gradually.

Why don’t you enjoy some good music for the next 20 minutes? Enjoy, because you are to sit steadily to let the paste do its job. As soon as, the timeline reaches, wash the pack using tepid water.

Milk cream and honey

Have a small size bowl first. Pour a tablespoon of milk cream and honey into it. Mix the two well to make a good paste.

Apply the paste all over the face and before you rinse the paste off with tepid water, keep sitting steadily for 15 minutes.

Your skin won’t only be super moisturized; it will clog the growth of pimple-growing bacteria.

Final words

In the end, we assure you that every of our packs has been in practice among Asians, especially the Chinese for thousands of years. Hence, we believe there remains no respite of hesitation or qualm for you.