How to keep your feet dead skin free?

Dead skin plays a vital role in destroying the beauty of your feet in seconds. Interestingly, getting rid of the problem isn’t a big deal although many people aren’t aware of the correct methods.

To help you get rid of such irritating skin issue, today we are here with some of the widely trusted dead skin removing techniques from your feet. Keep following us till the end if you love your skin and want to see it afresh.

Methods of having dead skin free feet

Rub a pumice stone

Submerge the stone into warm water and your feet as well. Bring out the two from the water and rub the dead skin cells with the stone. Don’t be harsh while rubbing. And, once the rubbing is done, don’t forget to apply some oil or lotion all over the rubbed area.

Paraffin wax treatment

Pour the wax into a large bowl and submerge your feet several times into the wax. As the wax gets stuck to your feet, wrap the feet using a plastic wrapper.

Once the wax gets hard, take off the wrapper and then clear off the wax. As you keep removing the layers of wax, the dead skin cells will be removed as well.

Use foot scrub

Using a foot scrub to remove the dead skin cells is one of the simplest ways. What you need to do is just make the purchase of a scrubber from a local pharmacy making sure that it is specially made for feet.

Dip your feet into warm water for a couple of minutes before you start scrubbing. Scrub gently! Finally, wash the feet with warm water.

Final words

Having a pair of clean feet is a must not only to be presentable but also to boost confidence in public. So, why to be hesitated with feet full of dead skin cells, while the cure is at your hand for some pennies only?