How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Although there are numerous methods of removing gel nail polish yet none of them or very few of them are completely effective with a complete safety of skin. Therefore, we decided to help you out from such a nasty situation and started looking for a perfect method.


What we have got for you after our weeks of research follows below in detail.


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?


Tools required


  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Manicure sticks
  • Nail file
  • Aluminium foil
  • A dual-sided nail brush


Steps to follow


  • Firstly, buff away the surface layer of manicure using a nail file. Keep rubbing it all over your nails until you feel like the last portion of the top coat is removed. Now, place each nail under a light for a further better inspection.


What do you think? Are there any remaining shiny patches? Then, you need to continue the buffing away.  Otherwise, end this step.


  • Fill a tiny pot or dish with nail polish remover. Dip 10 cotton balls into the solution.
  • Place a cotton ball upon a nail and cover the nail portion with aluminium foil. This will ensure you a secure sitting of the cotton ball. As soon as you are done with all the 10 fingers, it’s time to halt for 20 minutes at least.


  • Take off the foil pieces and cotton balls. Gently apply pressure all over every nail with a manicure stick. This must buff away the remaining coating.


  • If unfortunately you find that a gentle pressure isn’t working, this means you must repeat step no 3.


  • In the end, you may apply some cuticle oil all over every nail to keep the nails stronger and healthier.


Final words

In the end, our mere recommendation for you is – always use the premium quality nail products. Otherwise, your nail may undergo unexpected and irreversible damage.