How to Treat Cracked Lips

How to Treat Cracked Lips?



Got a pair of cracked lips that has been a reason for your discomfort this winter? No worries anymore, we are here for you with the pro tips recommended by the dermatologists.


Repairing cracked lips with simple hacks


Avoid using non-irritable lipstick or balm


Sometimes, it’s not the winter or the dryness that worsens the situation. Instead, it’s you who subconsciously does it. How?


You do it with the application of lipstick or lip balm that contains any of the following elements: camphor, eucalyptus, flavoring, fragrance, lanolin, menthol, octinoxate or oxybenzone, phenol, propyl gallate, salicylic acid.


Remember that any of the mentioned ingredients plays a vital role in boosting the burning and stinging feeling of your lips.


So, what should you do? Should you stop applying lipstick or balm? No, we didn’t mean it. Our point is – apply the lipstick or lip balm that contains any of the following ingredients instead of the above-mentioned ones.


Castor seed oil, ceramides, dimethicone, hemp seed oil, mineral oil, petrolatum, shea butter, sun-protective ingredients like titanium oxide or zinc oxide, white petroleum jelly.


Apply the lip balm or stick properly


If you aren’t aware of the proper application procedure of your balm or lipstick then we can’t assure you a pair of healthy lips even if you use balm or lipstick enriched with our recommended ingredients.


What you should do is – apply a thick layer of the balm or the lipstick all over the cracked parts.


What is the best time to wear ointment? According to the world famous dermatologists – lip balm or stick works the best if applied several times in the day time and before you go to bed at night.


Protect from the sun


To fight against your cracked lips, you must be aware in every second even while going outside. Remember that your lips can further be damaged by the sun ray. This eventually triggers cold sores, which is really painful.


Therefore, while going outside you should wear any of the sun-protective ointments that contain ingredients like Titanium oxide and Zinc oxide.


Keep wearing the ointment after every two hours as long as you’re not at home.


Drink water


Water therapy has been a trusted method for treating many diseases since the ancient days. And, to treat skin diseases water has a major role. Drink water as much as you can everyday especially in the morning on an empty stomach.


Don’t lick


Never wet your lips with saliva whenever you feel it to be dried. Keep in mind that according to science, lips become far drier as saliva evaporates.


Avoid metal products


Products like jewelry and paperclips, which are manufactured with metal cause irritation to sensitive lips. Thereby, avoid bringing such product closer to your lips.


Install a humidifier


If possible, install a humidifier in your room. This will serve you long-term results in the best possible way.


Final words


So, these were all from our part about the treatment of your cracked and damaged lips. In case, you don’t see any positive outcome with our recommended hacks, don’t delay consulting a skin specialist.