How to Treat Dark Underarms 

Dark underarm is a major concern and a matter of shame for many one. If you’re one of them then no doubt the following write up is going to be a great help for you.

The write up actually presents you with some of the most practiced and effective home remedies of dark underarms.

Lightening up the dark underarm

The remedies that we will be suggesting are not listed here out of our whim. Instead, these have been collected after an extensive study of traditional Chinese and Korean treatment methods.

Spray tea tree oil

Have a spray bottle and fill it with clean water. The volume of water shouldn’t be more than 8-ounces. Then, pour 5-drops of tea tree oil into the bottle. Locking cork, shake the bottle well to mix the two well.

Now, after every shower let the underarms dry up naturally. As soon as the armpits are dried, spray the solution to the area.

Apply turmeric paste

Turmeric is a popular dark mark lightening ingredient in the Asian continent. The ingredient besides being easily available is affordable to all.

Whatever, to make the paste of turmeric you will be requiring fresh turmeric powder and lemon juice. Mix the two well in a bowl or saucer. Dab the paste all over your armpits and let the paste sit for half an hour at least. Finally, I wash off the paste with cold water.

Use orange paste

Just like the turmeric paste, orange paste is another effective medicine in treating dark armpits. But, we must say that using turmeric paste is comparatively budget-friendly as making orange paste requires milk and rose-water in addition to powder version or orange.

So, mix the three well in a saucer. Remember that the paste must be thick, so pour rose water and milk gradually with steadiness. As the paste is made, it’s time to apply it all over your underarms. Keep waiting until the clock shows the past of 15-minutes. In the end, wash off the paste using cold water.

Rubbing cucumber

This is going to be one of the easiest and cheapest hacks from our list. According to a large portion of beneficiaries, a simple rubbing of a piece of cucumber all over the underarms for 10 minutes shows magical consequences within a couple of weeks.

So, why don’t you try out the technique?

Rubbing lemon slice

As you know that lemon is a fruit that is enriched with citric acid, so it’s expected to be a good dark remover. Cut your lemon into circular slices and rub a slice all over the armpits for 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that your skin’s too much exposure to such an acid may cause irritation to the skin. So, beware of this fact!

Apply potato juice

Grating a potato, extract juice from it and then apply the juice to the underarms. Rinse the juice with cold water after 10-minutes

Final words

Nothing to be ashamed of your dark underarms! It’s not an irrecoverable disease, rather simply recoverable with any of our recommended hacks. What you need to do is – cling to your chosen method with patience.