How to Treat Discolored Toenails

How to Treat Discolored Toenails?

How to Treat Discolored Toenails?


Discoloured toenails can be a great reason for your everyday embarrassment. To treat such toenails, there are lots of hacks and tips everywhere but not all of those are equally effective.


To help you out from the confusion, here we have listed the best effective methods out of our own research. Adopt any of the following to see the best outcome within the least possible time.


Treating discoloured toenails


Wash the feet at night


Although you should keep the feet clean always yet washing them with water and antibacterial soap before going to bed at night works the best. As per a study, this simple hack works magically to prevent infection from striking your feet.


Don’t forget to dry the feet after every wash, otherwise, wet feet may encourage the growth of other germs.


Don’t walk barefoot


Walking barefoot on mud or road exposes your feet to fungi, which are harmful to nails. Therefore, always cover your feet properly before walking on mud or road.


Apply powder


To spread nail fungus, which is a major cause of toenail discoloration (white/green/white/black) a warm and moist foot plays a vanguard role. And, the moistness, warmness most often comes from the sweating of the feet.


This is why preventing sweating of the feet is a must for you. And, you can do it easily with the sprinkling of powder like talcum before wearing shoes.


Avoid using cornstarch as the powder!


Keep the toenails short


Research reveals that longer toenails often move away from their beds being rubbed or hit by the tight environment of shoes. This simple open space can be a great abode of fungus.


Therefore, make sure that you snip the toenails before those are overgrown.


Use vinegar solution


Have your toenails developed a greenish hue? Then, the easiest method of treating that at the early stage for the best output is to use vinegar solution.


What you need to do is – have a large bowl and pour some water in it. Then, pour some white vinegar and stir the water well to make a good mixture. Finally, keep your feet dipped for a few minutes.


Repeat the method several times a day. Doing this, your toenails will be able to get rid of the harmful bacteria that have been the reason for infection.


Be gentle with the cuticles


Remember that the cuticles of your toenails act as a kind of weather strip. They protect the nails from harmful outside elements. So, whenever you’re doing pedicure, be gentle to the cuticles.


Apply nail polish


In case, the discoloration of your toenails is not linked to any kind of infection and you don’t have any pain or irritation, feel free to cover the discolored part with quality nail polish.


Final words


To sum up, to give you a cool and handsome look, your toenails have a major role. Therefore, treating them gently and early is a must. So, don’t linger anymore if you feel like the color of your toenails is changing.