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We do offer you a wide range of services, which we have clustered under these following segments: nail, hair and facial. Let’s take you to the details of every segment.

Nail treatment: Manicure & Pedicure


Basic: It’s a completely fuss-free manicure method that takes comparatively less duration. Most importantly, you can change it easily whenever you feel disgusted with it.

French: To impose a crisp look upon your nails, French manicure can be a better option. This method even allows you to make choices from varieties of color and embellishments.

Reverse French: Want to paint the darker shade that is at the base of every nail? Then, this is the method, most suitable for you.

Paraffin: Who doesn’t dream of having a pair of soft hands? We believe it's a dream of every woman and you’re not an exception. A rousing hand massage with oils removes the roughness and dryness of your hands instantly.

American: This one gives your nails a more natural and blended look. If you have been expecting something elegant yet go-to style, then this manicure is for you.

Gel: Are you someone who doesn’t have enough time for the regular maintenance of your nails? Okay, in that case, gel manicure is definitely a right choice for you. The manicure with its stylish appearance lasts for quite a long time.

Mirror: To flow with the latest trend, mirror manicure can be one of the best options for you. Its colorful design is really praiseworthy.

Acrylic: Acrylic manicure helps you have long nails, which are essentially apocryphal. Don’t worry; none will be able to detect the camouflage.

Shellac: As both nail polish and gel are used in this method, this manicure is super durable. Once you have this manicure, you aren’t forced to be highly careful of your nails.


Standard: This one is the most adopted manicure method which involves war water soaking, scrubbing, nail clipping, formation and skin removal.

French: The entire procedure is almost similar to that of the standard one. Only nail polishing is a bit different.

Gel: Gel pedicure is one of the most durable methods, which lasts for up to four weeks. The procedure involves cleaning, nail polishing and UV ray application.

Paraffin: If you have got a pair of cracked and dried thus want to impose a younger look to the feet, paraffin pedicure can be an ace solution.

Hot stone: In this method, your feet at first go through standard pedicure. Then, they are wrapped well with warm towels. After several minutes, feet are massaged with hot stones and aromatic oils.

Fish: This is a completely natural way to heal your impaired feet. The method requires you to dip the feet into an aquarium. The little and cute fishes crowd around the feet to scrub all the dead skin and impurities.

Mini: Want to take care of your feet within the shortest possible time and the limited budget? Then, this simplified edition of standard pedicure known as mini pedicure is for you.

Ice cream: Ice cream pedicure involves the soaking of your feet with ice cream and warm water and then scrubbing with ice cream.

Salt: At first, your feet are kept submerged into a pot filled with warm water and sea salt. After that, the feet are scrubbed with little marbles and sea salt.

Hair treatment

Keratin: Have you been struggling with frizzy or curly hair? Then, take keratin treatment at least once to experience the difference. A single treatment benefits you for several weeks.

Scalp: For healthy hair, a healthy scalp is a must. So, if you find your scalp to be itchy and dry, it’s high time you took this treatment without delay.

Hot oil: Do you need an instant shininess and smoothness in your hair? Take this hot oil treatment to see the magic.

Moisture: This treatment is best known for its capability of restoring heat damaged, parched, over processed and desperate hair.

Detox: To stimulate your hair growth with the improved health of both the scalp and hair, detox is an ideal treatment.

Relax: This treatment works at its best while used to treat textured hair, no matter whether it is curly or wavy.

Toning: Toning treatment is popularly known as the color correction treatment. That’s to say, if your hair color that has been red or blonde has faded, toning treatment can restore it precisely.

Facial treatment

Classic: Popularly known as European facial, classic facial is perfect for all types of skin. This can clean the face deeply, even out the skin tone, unclog pores and offer you a more radiant complexion.

Lymphatic massage: To lessen the puffiness and the built-up tension around your neck and face, a lymphatic massage is too good. This massage can even improve your complexion increasing blood circulation.

High-frequency facial: Also known as radiofrequency, this facial involves producing a minimal amount of heat to stimulate deeper layers of your skin. The heat being anti-inflammatory kills bacteria. This results in a good treatment of acne and acne scars.

Ans. See, we have expertise in beautification, not in health suggestions. So, you better consult a doctor first.

Ans. No, manicure can never be a treatment for brittle or puss-filled nails.

Ans. We can guarantee that every of our products are of premium quality thus safe for skin. But, in case, you have got highly sensitive or irritating skin, consult a doctor before visiting us.

Ans. It’s not possible to answer this question with a single word as charge varies. But, we assure you that charge for every treatment is affordable for all.