Signs of Your Skin to be considered 

Before being damaged completely your skin gives you signs that you often overlook or give no importance at all. But, if you are aware of those and take care from the very beginning your skin will keep glowing even at your 80’s.

So, with such vital signs, we have arranged our today’s write up. Keep stuck to us till the end for getting a healthier skin.

Signs of a damaging skin


Whether the rashes of your skin are irritating or burning or itching or not, these are something, which means that your skin is comprehensively attacked with bacteria or fungus. That’s to say, it is the high time you consulted a dermatologist.

Inconsistent skin tone

A skin that is healthy features a tone of the same color all over it. On the contrary, an unhealthy skin tone varies from portion to portion. For example, you may start seeing dark circles just below your eyes.

This is how your skin is telling you that you might have some bad habits like being awake till midnight or drinking less volume of water.

Excessive dryness

Excessive dryness will be felt in the following areas: elbow, ankle, knee, below or around the eyes and around the lips. It is not necessary that the dry feeling will be at all the mentioned body parts. Instead, it may happen that it is felt in a particular zone.

In such a case, you must understand that your skin lacks moisture and must be moisturized sufficiently. So, you should have branded chemical-free moisturizers and drink more water.

Uneven skin texture

Place the palm of any of your hands over any of the cheeks and rub it smoothly all over the cheek. What do you feel? Is the feeling even or uneven? If it feels even then nothing to be worried about but if it’s uneven, something is wrong with your skin.

This might be a symptom of acne, whiteheads or blackheads development. Before any of these appear visibly, you should visit us – city nail & hair to get the skin treated.


Do you often feel itchiness or burning or piercing on your skin? If you do feel any of these frequently, there are two explanations of that.

First of all, you might be using some skin products that your skin can’t tolerate thus telling you to stop. Besides, it might happen that your internal health has got some complications that you must address in no time.

Cracked lips

Having a pair of cracked lips during winter is all okay. But, if your lips are cracked all the time or most of the time of a year, it’s actually a sign for you. It is telling you that your skin isn’t having enough Vitamin B.

To fight back the problem you should start taking the vitamin in any form that is available to you.

Final words

Skin is an invaluable part of your beauty that once lost can hardly be regained. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be aware of the signs it gives to you.