Winter Pedicure for Men

Winter Pedicure for Men

Men are often indifferent to physical beautification as the processes are time-consuming. But, not every beautification process takes much time and pedicure is one of them.

Therefore, today we will be introducing you to a general method of pedicure for taking care of your feet this winter. Even if you are from the opposite gender, you are most welcome to adopt the method with confidence.

Pedicure guideline for men 

Soak the feet

Dip your feet either into a water-filled bucket or into your bathtub. Stay in that position for 5 minutes maximum.

The touch of water will soften the dry and tough skin of your feet. This will result in your easier and quicker treatment of the skin.

In case you expect an aromatic experience, then don’t forget to mix some natural body wash with water.

After the times out, bring out the feet from water. Don’t you feel like the skin is sufficiently tender? Then, have the water treatment for another 5 minutes. And, obviously, change the water first.

Scrub the feet

Okay, after you bring out the feet from water, don’t mop them. It’s time for scrubbing the feet. Scrub using either scrubber made especially for men or foot file.

This simple appearing scrubbing will clean away all the dead skins and harmful build up that spurs the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria.

Clip the toenails

Use a sharp nail clip to clip the nails. Here, you must be careful enough not to leave any kind of hanging nails. Once all the nails are clipped, take a file to smoothen the nail edges. Uneven edges do not only creates an ugly look but also causes little injuries.

File the nails

Have a nail file to file the nails from one side to the other. Be gentle while filing, otherwise you may unconsciously leave reason for future nail damage.

However, stop filing the nails as soon as you feel like the file is too close to the tips of the toes.

Cut the cuticle

Take a cuticle clipper to cut the extended cuticle. Never dare to rip the cuticle with fingers like an indifferent person. This won’t only be a reason for instant bleeding and swelling but also inspire nasty infections.

Are your cuticles out of shape? In that case, use a cuticle stick to push them back into their place. Be gentle while pushing.

Rinse the feet

Rinse the feet using lukewarm water if possible, otherwise room temperature water will also be fine. Mop the feet with a soft and fresh cloth piece. Let the water of the unreachable parts dry naturally.

Apply body lotion

In the end of the process, you should have body lotion that is made of natural ingredients. Apply the lotion all over your feet and toes. This simple application soothes the dry skin and the nicks if created while performing the steps.

Final words

To sum up, beauty isn’t a thing that should be possessed by only the girls rather it’s universal which everyone must practice. So, why keep your feet deprived of a lovely appearance even when the method is quick and cheap?